Welcome To PressPi!

We know that you have a choice when it comes to hosting your web site and we’d like to thank you for choosing PressPi!

PressPi is the very first Turn-Key WordPress image for the RaspberryPi, Fully configured and completely optimized for the ARM platform.

Initial Setup:

  1. On First Boot-up, Run “sudo raspi-config” to expand the file system.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Enjoy!

About The Image:

  • Raspbian Base
  • B+ compatible
  • Powered by Nginx
  • SSH: pi/raspberry
  • User: wpadmin / !WPadmin!
  • MySQL: wpadmin / !WPadmin!
  • PHPmyadmin: wpadmin / !WPadmin!
  • Raspcontrol: presspi / !PressPi!
  • Access WordPressPi
    • http://your_pi_ip_address/wp-login.php
    • http://presspi/wp-login.php
  • Access PHPmyadmin
    • http://presspi:81
  • Access Raspcontrol
    • http://presspi/raspcontrol


Frequently Asked Questions

Nginx 504 gateway timeout
Typically this happens when your browser is trying to serve cached versions of your website. Ctrl+ F5 will force your browser to purge any cookies or cached versions of the page and download the latest ‘live’ version of that particular page.

My Web Page isn’t loading correctly
Try de-activating the ‘Autoptimize’ plugin and reload the page (ctrl+F5). While this plugin is great for generally improving load times by compressing your javascript and CSS, it can also cause problems/conflicts with other plugins or certain CSS elements out of the box. Once you’ve found the root of this conflict, make sure to add that particular .js or .css file as an exception in the Autoptimize settings page and re-enable it for the fastest website loading time possible!

My site is loading slowly
This is most likely because you are logged in as a ‘known user’ in wordpress. WP Supercache is configured to NOT cache pages for known users by default. This is intentional! If you cache pages as an administrator you won’t see any changes you are making unless you consciously remember to press ctrl+f5 on every page. To test if this is the root cause of your sites slow loading times, access your site from another browser where you are not logged in, it should be noticeably faster.

If you are still experiencing slow response times, it is most likely related to the number/size of uploaded images that are being displayed on the site OR it may be a poorly coded plugin. Try disabling all non-essential plugins and optimizing your on page images.

Why is <insert plugin name here> installed on this image?
Every plugin that is installed in the PressPi image was chosen because it is either an essential part in improving your websites performance or it serves to make a particular function easier. (Except the custom login plugin…that’s just there for it’s sweet, sweet style). You are of course welcome to delete, re-configure and install any plugins that you wish!


Additional Resources:

Below are all the PressPi resources available to you.


**A Special Thanks to Marcin over @ tenDESIGN.pro for donating his time and energy into helping make PressPi more awesome!

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